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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Audience for Art

Every artist is haunted by an innate force to create. I paint because I must for my own sanity. When I don't pick up a brush for several days I literally feel the disconnect in my body... images and ideas race through me like a wild wind, tumbling and disorienting. Incarnating art brings me closer to myself, closer to the present moment. It enables me to express with concreteness that which is both simultanously grounding and exalting. Painting is my butterfly net.

But art also relies on an audience. While there is no doubt that our culture is fueled by music, literature, painting, etc., the importance of feedback for artists is fairly obscured. Perhaps this is because of the belief  that artists do what they do regardless of who's watching and will continue working for years and years without media coverage, public recognition, or sales purely on passion alone. Surely those with a strong sense of self, fierce dedication, and drive to overcome all obstacles have more of a fighting chance at "making it" than mere talent could ever afford. But the fallacy that an artist's eccentricities, even strengths, are enough to sustain her only perpetuates a system devoid of real, meaningful support.

That being said, I want to express my infinite gratitude to everyone who has ever helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a professional artist. Your emotional hoorahs and financial generosity have made the risk-taking adventure of making a living as a painter well beyond worth it.

I also want to extend my thanks to the many Sacramento galleries and magazines that have honored me with space on walls and pages. If you missed the recent articles, please follow the links below to read several interviews and stories about my work. Enjoy!

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